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Urbanisation is the process of people moving from rural areas into urban ones.  Many HICs had rapid urbanisation during the Industrial Revolution but in LICS this has been taking place even more rapidly since World War 2.  As a result of this cities are getting bigger and we now have megacities – cities of 10million+ people!

brandt line

Sorry girls I left my USB in school- this is the table you need for your homeworkimage


Rana Plaza Collapse


rana-plazaAs we know from lessons the world is becoming increasingly interlinked.  We in the UK benefit from this a lot, it means we get year round access to seasonal foods, we can buy goods and products from countries where they can be produced for less money so we save and it means we can travel more easily.

Some people don’t benefit.  Bangladesh is becoming one of the worlds biggest manufacturers.  Factory workers there are often working in horrible, dangerous and uncomfortable conditions for very little money.

In April 2013 1130 workers were killed when their factory collapsed.  Your task is to decide whose fault this is and to explain why they are to blame.  You need to use the cards below to justify your decision.

You can pick more than one culprit- Good Luck 🙂

Rana Plaza cards Rana Plaza ppt

2015 was the worlds biggest year for renewables investment!!



Annoyingly this would have been good to use in class last month but if your writing yo ur nuclear essay you might be able to mention it.

Renewable energy surges to record levels around the world

The biggest renewables being invested in are solar and wind and the UK was one of the country tried investing the most despite the fact that coal is cheap at the minute (well done to us!).


Mapping Development



Okay so your task for next lesson is to complete your map which shows HDI levels around the world.  You should have your tables and the maps with you.  I’ve attached the powerpoint from lesson here – Development lessons 1 and 2 for website

If you were using my colours you need to come at lunchtime to borrow them next week.




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New Challenges :)


The world national flagsOkay after some pretty persistent demands from a few Y8s here are some more challenges for you to get your teeth into.

These games ask you to match the countries of each continent with their flags.  When you complete them you need to print screen it so that I can see that you have completed the quiz with a maximum of 5 attempts – Good luck 🙂

These 5 are the only quizzes on this site that count.  The rest are too easy!

Click on the continent game to go to the quiz





and a few cute ones that I like

mountain ranges





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As you will know from my lessons I am pretty enthusiastic about the aborigine culture and very interested in their history.  Your homework is to choose on aspect of their culture and history and tell me about it through one of the take away homework tasks.  http://www.missquinn.co.uk/?page_id=779

You shouldn’t try to cover all of the things we touched on in lesson, instead pick one area e.g. stolen generation, hunting and foraging, dreamtime, art and communication

Pick one of the tasks that you think you can do well, carry out some research and then go!

Some websites that might help






And the powerpoint and posters from lesson


aborigine info for round the room


Tasmania wants to unprotect its forests and reef!!


Over  the past month I’ve been watching and reading the news fairly avidly.



This handout picture taken and released on 14 June 2014 by Rob Blakers of The Wilderness Society shows some 5,000 Tasmanians at the rally to oppose the delisting of Tasmania's World Heritage forests in Hobart, Tasmania.

Y9 Desert Creatures


Last month, almost at the end of the ecosystems topic, Y9 students we’re asked to create their own desert creature with its own ingenious adaptations to help it survive in this harsh environment.

These are some of their ideas.



Y9 Designing an Adapted Rainforest Animal


So following on from our beautiful adapted plants you now have an assessment to do.  You need to design an animal/bird/insect/amphibian that could survive in the rainforest.

Remember the mark scheme is on the powerpoint so make sure you check it to get the top grades.

Y8 Eco Resort


Print Ecotourism 2015

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