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Y7 Montserrat


Montserrat is an Island in the Caribbean.  It is on the edge of the Caribbean Plate and as a result it is volcanic

montserratcarib  montserratnewz

In 1995 the volcano in the south of the island, Soufriere Hills erupted and buried much of the south of the Island and the capital, Plymouth.

Plymouth after the eruption …

montserrat plymouth volcao volcanic 8   montserratPlymouth_preview

Your task, in your group is to decide how best to rebuild the south of the Island.  You have four years and £84 Million to spend.

Each year you need to have a target or priority e.g. Build transport and energy infrastructure or focus on food and drink production.  You then have to plan how to spend your money to achieve this.

You should present these ideas next lesson in your groups.  Attached are a copy of the Price List and a GREAT EXAMPLE




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