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Y8 – Tourism in the Okavango Delta


Should Botswana encourage tourism in the Okavango Delta? 


Y8s have been studying various regions of Africa and looking at the differing levels of development in each.  We have seen that Botswana is more developed than many countries and one of the reasons for that is the fact that they have encouraged tourism (a tertiary or service industry).


People go to Botswana to see the Okavango Delta, a huge area of wetland with incredible wildlife.  Botswana have tried to run their tourism industry sustainably so without doing damage to the environment and people.  Instead of big high rise hotels, they have developed small boutique hotels which are expensive to visit because they offer a unique luzurious experience. 

 The Okavango Delta Of Botswana attaraction

What we have been trying to decide is whether or not Botswana should increase the number of tourists who visit the delta.  Will the positive results of this outweigh the negative effects on local tribes and wildlife?

Okavango Delta Presentation


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“Y8 – Tourism in the Okavango Delta”

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