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Christmas 2013 / January 2013 Crazy Weather and flooding



We’ve been having some pretty horrible weather over the Christmas holidays this year.  The whole country, especially the  south west has been battered by torrential rain and gale force winds and it’s meant travel chaos for lots of people

The waves go straight over the sea wall in Ilfracombe, Devon

Coastal areas like Ilfracombe (in the photo) have badly hit as the storms have created tidal surges which have meant that at high tide the sea is even higher than usual.

Coastal areas aren’t the only ones being hit though, the website below shows you all the current flood warnings.  http://www.environment-agency.gov.uk/homeandleisure/floods/142151.aspx

The flood warning map is created by the Environment Agency and is updated every 15 minutes the weather is so awful and the rain is so heavy that there is a flood warning out for the River Roding near Loughton!!