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Y8 Ramsgate Regeneration



This week girls, your homework it to create and record (with sound) a presentation on how to rebrand Ramsgate.  When tourist towns become less popular it can lead to increased unemployment, crime and social issues.  Ramsgate want to avoid this and want to make sure that they have an attraction that is exciting enough t get tourists coming all year round. ramsgate_beach2

Use the powerpoint (Rebranding Ramsgatex) to help your group create and record a presentation.  It can be a video of you presenting your idea, it can be a powerpoint with your comments recorded on, it can even be you creating an advert for your new exciting features. 


Whatever it is, it should be emailed to my school email or to missquinn@missquinn.co.uk by the end of next Friday.  Good Luck! 




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8S Tourist destinations


Right ladies.  This is the powerpoint from class which you need to use to complete your map before next lesson.  The data on here is correct for 8S.

If you need any help (even if its just to borrow coloured pencils) please see me)

Lesson 2 Where have we beenBest-Travel-Destinations-for-2011

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Y8 Kenya Eco Tourism


ecotourismNext lesson you are going to be designing your own ecotourist resort.  It is going to be located  in the Masai Mara in Kenya and should be designed to avoid waste and litter, to support the local Masai tribe and to protect the wildlife and the Savannah ecosystem.

You need to come up with some ideas for next lesson on how to make your resort as eco friendly as possible.  The powerpoints below should help you come up with some ideas.

Eco-Tourism kenya 2014 for website


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Y8 Antarctica Guidelines


Crikey Abeer – you’ve got here before me!!  This is the presentation you need for your homework.  Y8 Antarctic tourism

Remember you need to start by telling me what is happening to tourist numbers in Antarctica?  Are they going up or down?

Why?  What do visitors to the continent do?  

Antarctica coverage

Next you need to look at the effects of tourism in Antarctica.  There are good and bad effects. make sure you consider both.  The cards we used in class are in the PowerPoint above.


Finally you need to come up with your own guidelines for how tourists to Antarctica should behave.  

Look at the negative effects of tourism, how can you reduce those? Look at the positive effects of tourism, how can you maximise those?










The finished product should be a colourful leaflet which makes me want to go to Antarctica but also tells me how to keep the continent pristine.  

Good Luck

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Y8 Bournemouth Surf Reef



In lessons we’ve been looking at Bournemouth and deciding whether or not they should build a surf reef to encourage tourists to come to the town.

Your homework is to write a report on the possible effects of the reef and what you think should be done.  Remember to use the following system when you’re writing.

P –  make a point, say what might happen

E – use evidence to prove your point is accurate or correct.

E – explain your point fully, link it back to the surf reef and the effects on Bournemouth

Bournemouth Pt 1 & 2


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Y8 Sporcle Challenge


Sporcle has a whole range of great quizzes but this month I’d like you to try this one. The first person from each Geography group who manages to complete the North American countries in the time (and take a photo to prove it) gets a postcard. Even if you’re not the first you can get credits.



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