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Y7 Six Figure Fairy Tale


fairy tale

So, you should all now have the six figure grid references of 12 words from the map in lesson.  You are now going to use them to write a fairy tale. 

Remember you need to give the reader a clue about the word so give the initial (first letter of the word) and then as many lines as there are letters, e.g. if the word was elephant you’d put e _ _ _ _ _ _ _.  Finally after the word you put the grid reference you can find it at.  

The final part of the fairy tale is the illustration.  You need to come up with a drawing that shows what happens in your fairytale.  This should be coloured in with pencils, not felt tips or gel pens.

6fig fairy tale


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Y7 Mapwork


HeartShapedWorldMap-long goodbyeI love mapwork.  It is one of the only bits of Geography where you can be 100% right. I know though that sometimes when you start studying map work it can be hard to remember how things like grid references work so…

…I’ve attached all the presentations we use in school here so that you can check things when you’re at home.  I’ve also attached this link to the Ordnance Survey mapzoneIf you have any questions, please email in.  

Lesson 1 Compass Points

Lesson 3 – Map Symbols

grif refs on maps with boardworks and answers

Lesson 1 Relief    

BBC Map Quiz 


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The Changing Face of Europe



As you know I think its really important that we know where we are in the world and where other countries are too.  This is made more difficult by the fact that countries can change, both their size and their name. 

The map above shows Europe as it was almost 1000 years ago.  Some of the countries have the same names as today but are smaller or larger than they are now,  however some of the countries on the map e.g. the Holy Roman Empire, have gone completely. 

2012The video below shows how this has happened in Europe

The Changing face of Europe




Y7 – Easter Challenge


Okay, this is really difficult.  If you manage to do this you get 2 postcards!!!


You need to try to learn this song.  All of the countries of the world.  If you can repeat or sing this to me you win.


Valentines Day Y7 challenge



  Right ladies This one is a bit trickier but it is doable.  The link below should take you to a counties puzzle.  It uses flash so you can’t do it on an ipad or things like that.  You can do it in school or at home and print it off or print screen the finished piece and email it to me.  When you’ve managed it, print screen the completed map and bring it in to get a postcard. Good luck – any problems let me know 🙂


Y7 Grid Reference Fairy Tales



Okay Y7. These are the instructions for your fairy tales. Don’t forget to give the reader the first letter of the word as a clue and remember the illustrations (pictures)

6fig fairy tale

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Y7 Sporcle challenge


Here’s a way to improve your knowledge for the country alphabet game.

Sporcle has a whole range of great quizzes but this month I’d like you to try this one. If you manage to complete the European countries in the time (and take a photo to prove it) you get a postcard.