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Global Warming


 Merry Christmas!!  

My gift to you is the global warming powerpoint with links to the videos  



global warming effects on the UK and Bangladesh

global warming kyoto and beyond

GCSE Development


gdp lesson

The Richest 1% own 49% of the worlds wealth



This is an insane article which explains that currently the wealthiest 1% of people in the world own 49%. 

That means 70 million own as much as the other 6.9 billion!!!  Is this fair?

What effect will that have on development levels for people who aren’t in that top 1%?  Will the countries they live in get much income from tax?  What will education levels, access to safe water and healthcare be like in these countries?   


Y8 – Tourism in the Okavango Delta


Should Botswana encourage tourism in the Okavango Delta? 


Y8s have been studying various regions of Africa and looking at the differing levels of development in each.  We have seen that Botswana is more developed than many countries and one of the reasons for that is the fact that they have encouraged tourism (a tertiary or service industry).


People go to Botswana to see the Okavango Delta, a huge area of wetland with incredible wildlife.  Botswana have tried to run their tourism industry sustainably so without doing damage to the environment and people.  Instead of big high rise hotels, they have developed small boutique hotels which are expensive to visit because they offer a unique luzurious experience. 

 The Okavango Delta Of Botswana attaraction

What we have been trying to decide is whether or not Botswana should increase the number of tourists who visit the delta.  Will the positive results of this outweigh the negative effects on local tribes and wildlife?

Okavango Delta Presentation


The price of economic development in China



Recently we looked at the impact of the tourist industry on the environment of the Maasai Mara in Kenya.

Another place we could have studied is China which (if you remember the start of the topic!) is a Newly Industrialised Country or NIC.



A lot of China’s economic development is based on manufacturing industry which in many cases is being powered by coal.

We have seen this week the impact that using fossil fuels has on the global climate but when I woke up this morning and read through the news I found another effect of fossil fuels… Smog.


Smog is a thick fog which contains all of the horrible waste particles from burning coal or oil (in vehicles) so it is full of soot, ozone, sulphur and other horrid things that are dangerous for humans to breathe in. Smog is the reason why London stopped using the power stations on the Thames. In the early 1950s the smog in London was so thick that cars ran people over that they couldn’t see, hundreds died from inhaling the air and government decided to ban all coal fires in the capital.


Unfortunately the smog in China and particularly Beijing is getting worse as the economy improves. China has lots of coal and wants to use it but the effects are so bad that this month they have started televising the sun rise on big screens in Beijing because the actual sunrise is being hidden by the thick smog.


People are wearing surgical masks as the walk around the city to try to reduce the health risks.


Innocent Smoothies – the Global Effect


As mentioned in lesson today – well done Alysha for spotting this one.  Innocent are a company who are known for giving back.  Every winter they raise oney to help the elderly with heating costs and throughout they year they give money back to their producers.

This advert shows how a small action made by us in MEDCs can have a monumental impact in an LEDC.


You can find out more about the sustainable way innocent behaves here http://www.chainofgood.co.uk/#


Don’t Panic – The Facts about population


Population.JPGThis in amazing video that shows you the truth behind the statistics. Lots of great graphs but also some superb case studies and examples.

Watch it – it is good!!


Y11 Employment Changes Over Time



This is the ppt we started in class.  You need to complete the tasks before Tuesday.  If you have any concerns please see me on Monday


employment over time

World Toilet Day



World Toilet Day next Tuesday is an annual day that is organised by WaterAid to remind us how important toilets are for our health and how lucky we are to have them when 2.5billion people don’t.