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Y10 The Jurassic Coast




Having made it back from our weekend away I thought it might be useful to add some information about the controlled assessment and the area it is based on


Our title – Is Geology responsible for the distinctive coastal landforms on the Jurassic Coast – seems like a pretty easy task.  The geology there is distinctive (concordant and discordant coastlines with bays, headlands and coves where you would expect them) but as we saw on the trip there is more going on there.

For starters what actually is distinctive?  To us, living in a big city away from a coastline anywhere you can see the sea is distinctive but what really is?

Once we’ve established what is distinctive we need to look at how these landforms have been created and whether they are only a result of their rocks or whether more is going on.


The longshore drift that we saw taking place is having an impact as the sand that tourists like to sit on at Swanage is slowly being transported north to Poole Harbour.  How will this affect the bay and are they going to let this happen?

In addition we saw a range of management methods being used at Swanage, Peveril Point and Studland.  What effect are they having and why are they not being used at Lulworth and Durdle?


I’ve attached a copy of the presentation that we’ve been using so you can have a think about it at home too.

write up

Christmas 2013 / January 2013 Crazy Weather and flooding



We’ve been having some pretty horrible weather over the Christmas holidays this year.  The whole country, especially the  south west has been battered by torrential rain and gale force winds and it’s meant travel chaos for lots of people

The waves go straight over the sea wall in Ilfracombe, Devon

Coastal areas like Ilfracombe (in the photo) have badly hit as the storms have created tidal surges which have meant that at high tide the sea is even higher than usual.

Coastal areas aren’t the only ones being hit though, the website below shows you all the current flood warnings.  http://www.environment-agency.gov.uk/homeandleisure/floods/142151.aspx

The flood warning map is created by the Environment Agency and is updated every 15 minutes the weather is so awful and the rain is so heavy that there is a flood warning out for the River Roding near Loughton!!