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The Richest 1% own 49% of the worlds wealth



This is an insane article which explains that currently the wealthiest 1% of people in the world own 49%. 

That means 70 million own as much as the other 6.9 billion!!!  Is this fair?

What effect will that have on development levels for people who aren’t in that top 1%?  Will the countries they live in get much income from tax?  What will education levels, access to safe water and healthcare be like in these countries?   


The Changing Face of Europe



As you know I think its really important that we know where we are in the world and where other countries are too.  This is made more difficult by the fact that countries can change, both their size and their name. 

The map above shows Europe as it was almost 1000 years ago.  Some of the countries have the same names as today but are smaller or larger than they are now,  however some of the countries on the map e.g. the Holy Roman Empire, have gone completely. 

2012The video below shows how this has happened in Europe

The Changing face of Europe




World Cup Geography



As we have had to cancel the St Albans trip I have put together a mini topic on the World Cup.  This will take three lessons and will finish with you predicting who should have won the tournament.

The three best pieces of work from 7W and 7F will each win a prize.

The first part of the plan is to identify and label the 32 countries taking part on your world map.


Good Luck!!