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Rana Plaza Collapse


rana-plazaAs we know from lessons the world is becoming increasingly interlinked.  We in the UK benefit from this a lot, it means we get year round access to seasonal foods, we can buy goods and products from countries where they can be produced for less money so we save and it means we can travel more easily.

Some people don’t benefit.  Bangladesh is becoming one of the worlds biggest manufacturers.  Factory workers there are often working in horrible, dangerous and uncomfortable conditions for very little money.

In April 2013 1130 workers were killed when their factory collapsed.  Your task is to decide whose fault this is and to explain why they are to blame.  You need to use the cards below to justify your decision.

You can pick more than one culprit- Good Luck 🙂

Rana Plaza cards Rana Plaza ppt

Y9 Sweatshops


mcdonoaldsSo today we’ve been looking at why companies go global.  What benefits to they gain by being international and what impacts they have on the countries that they work in.

Your homework task was to decide, if you were the CEO (head) of Nike …

1.  Which country would you set up a shop in?  Why?

2.  Which country would you set up a factory in?  Why?

Use the cards below (labelled as Japan) to make and justify your decisions.

Good Luck!

Why Go Global finished 2015


Y9 Sporcle Challenge


Right ladies

Following today’s terrifying lesson where it became very obvious that the USA and Canada are the same place as far as a lot of you are concerned, I have added two challenges for you to complete.


They are both worth a post card if you complete them and print them off. You must complete all of the countries (i.e. you can’t miss any or get them wrong!!)

Good Luck!!

North America and the Caribbean = http://www.sporcle.com/games/g/northamerica

Europe = http://www.sporcle.com/games/g/europe


Y9 – Global Jeans



We have just started looking at the process of globalisation.  This is the idea that people, ideas and  things move much more quickly around the world now than they did in the past. 

One example of this is that places like Connaught are much more multicultural than they would have been 50 years ago but another is that the products we buy in the shops in Westfield come from all over the planet. 


To illustrate the situation we have looked at our jeans (denim not DNA!) and how global they are.  Your homework is to explain why our jeans our global. 

Globalisation intro and jeans