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Mapping Development



Okay so your task for next lesson is to complete your map which shows HDI levels around the world.  You should have your tables and the maps with you.  I’ve attached the powerpoint from lesson here – Development lessons 1 and 2 for website

If you were using my colours you need to come at lunchtime to borrow them next week.




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Y8 Eco Resort


Print Ecotourism 2015

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Y8 Okavango Delta


botswana-okavangodeltaThis week you are coming up with reports or letters outlining your plans for the Okavango Delta.

I’ve attached the powerpoint from class here – Okavango_Delta presentation

I’ll add more info next week – have a good weekend 🙂



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Y8 Wildebeest Migration



So ladies this week your task is to create a storyboard that tells me the story of wildebeests and their incredible annual migration.


Remember to use the facts we looked at in lesson (you can find them in this powerpoint- ppt and in these sort cards – sort cards) and dramatic pictures like these to tell your story.


See me if you have any problems

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Y8 – Tourism in the Okavango Delta


Should Botswana encourage tourism in the Okavango Delta? 


Y8s have been studying various regions of Africa and looking at the differing levels of development in each.  We have seen that Botswana is more developed than many countries and one of the reasons for that is the fact that they have encouraged tourism (a tertiary or service industry).


People go to Botswana to see the Okavango Delta, a huge area of wetland with incredible wildlife.  Botswana have tried to run their tourism industry sustainably so without doing damage to the environment and people.  Instead of big high rise hotels, they have developed small boutique hotels which are expensive to visit because they offer a unique luzurious experience. 

 The Okavango Delta Of Botswana attaraction

What we have been trying to decide is whether or not Botswana should increase the number of tourists who visit the delta.  Will the positive results of this outweigh the negative effects on local tribes and wildlife?

Okavango Delta Presentation


Coltan Mining in the DRC



As we’ve seen over the past couple of weeks, the south east of the Democratic Republic of Congo is currently occupied by the Rwandan Army.  The army are collecting coltan from local miners and making around $20 million PER MONTH!!! by selling it to mobile phone companies.

The miners are mainly people who used to farm in the area before their farmland became part of the war zone and now they have no option but to mine for very little money.


Many of those mining are children who should be in school but whose families can no longer afford to send them.

Your homework is to write to Boris Johnson and explain what he should do to stop this happening.  The powerpoint before is the one we used in class.

Coltan Mining (both lessons)

The video below is not the one we used in class (that’s too large) but it shows clearly what is happening (it just doesn’t look at the issue for the gorillas).


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Innocent Smoothies – the Global Effect


As mentioned in lesson today – well done Alysha for spotting this one.  Innocent are a company who are known for giving back.  Every winter they raise oney to help the elderly with heating costs and throughout they year they give money back to their producers.

This advert shows how a small action made by us in MEDCs can have a monumental impact in an LEDC.


You can find out more about the sustainable way innocent behaves here http://www.chainofgood.co.uk/#


Y8 Name the Countries of Africa




Your homework is to name the countries in Africa.  You need to complete this on the sheet you were given in lesson but the website below is quite a useful way of finding the names. 

When you’ve managed it, print screen the completed map and bring it in to get a postcard.