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2015 was the worlds biggest year for renewables investment!!



Annoyingly this would have been good to use in class last month but if your writing yo ur nuclear essay you might be able to mention it.

Renewable energy surges to record levels around the world

The biggest renewables being invested in are solar and wind and the UK was one of the country tried investing the most despite the fact that coal is cheap at the minute (well done to us!).


Y9 Nuclear Assessment


simpsons As you know we’ve been studying nuclear power in lessons recently and your major assessment for this term is based on the subject.

Your task is to answer the question “Should the UK be investing in nuclear energy?”   

nuclearpowernothanx223This is obviously a complicated subject so we have gone through the options in class and you should have lots of notes to help you complete the work.  temp_969e4e22-6b87-425c-afea-073827a486ad

It doesn’t matter whether you thing that we should or shouldn’t invest in nuclear power, what does matter is the way that you describe and explain the situation and the potential issues.

I’ve attached the powerpoint (Nuclear Energy 2016) we used in class so that you can check the mark scheme.  Make sure that you use evidence (facts, diagrams, images, maps, graphs etc) and talk about them in the report. 

You have a copy of the note frame which will help you to complete the work in your next lesson (writing plan) Make sure you have filled it in before you arrive! You can use the sort cards from class  (nuclear card sort) to help you do this.




Y9 Sustainable Invention



Okay girls – sorry I’ve been slow to put this up.

Your task over Easter is to create something that will enable us (humans) to live in a more sustainable (lasting) way. 

Think back to Crystal and you’ll remember that as a species we are facing three huge issues

1.  Aging population. The population is getting older,  people are having less children but those who are born are living to 75+.  This means we need more care homes, more healthcare and more treatments for conditions like Alzheimer’s which are on the rise. 

2. Urbanisation, this means that more people are living in cities than in the countryside.  This means cities are struggling to cope to provide housing, green space, sewage systems,schools, hospitals, transport that can get people to work / social activities on time and without causing smog.

3. Climate change is happening, we need to reduce our use of resources (including but not only fossil fuels).


Your invention can be to tackle any or all of these issues on any scale. 

It could be…

* a train full of exercise bikes that uses passengers pedalling to move

* cars that run on compostable rubbish from your kitchen

* a fast growing potato that can grow in a week in a window box

* an earring that elderly people can use to alert a help desk that they need help

* a city wide public transport network

* An eco building

Basically if you can think it and explain it, its okay.


The rules

1.  You can work in group of 1-3

2. You can work with people from other classes.

3. You need to create it or draw a diagram, describe what it does, explain how it works and say how it is sustainable.

4.  You can present it as a leaflet, an essay, a 3D model (with labels), an advert (video), a presentation (that you will have to present to me). If you have other ideas please email to check that they’re okay. 

5. All inventions are due in to Room 7 by 24th April (Friday of the first week back. 


Postcards to the winners and runners up!!

Good Luck and have a lovely Easter 🙂

The Crystal website – http://www.thecrystal.org/


Y9 Energy Presentations



Right so your task this week is to produce a presentation to the government (me) on one of 5 alternative energy sources. In each class there are 5 groups presenting on one of the following energies – solar, wind, tidal, hydroelectric & biofuels.

All of these are being used in the UK at the minute and all of them are renewable.

Your task is to create your script and poster as well as at least one devilishly hard question for each other group to highlight the weaknesses in their energy source.

I’ve attached the presentation from lesson to help. Good Luck!! Powerpoint_to_explain_group_work 2015

These are the info sheets you had in lesson (the professional looking ones!)

Energy types sheets

and the summary sheets too


Y9 Energy Sources



So girls

This is the powerpoint from lesson energy types

There are two hyperlinks in the powerpoint.  Both of these might be useful for your homework.

energy-audit-mindmapYour aim this week is to decide which energy types the UK should invest in for the future.

You need to bear a few things in mind when you do this

1.  The amount of energy we are using is increasing

2.  The government has set itself harsh targets to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions (CO2 is given off by burning fossil fuels)

3.  We are running out of fossil fuels

4.  Not all renewable energy sources would suit our climate

Once you have chosen your 3 you need to justify your choices – this means tell me why you’re right.  Remember you need to be right for the UK.  Research would be useful for this but don’t copy and paste.

Good luck – if you have any questions make sure you come and see me 🙂



Y9 Food miles


As we saw in lesson this week our food today travels to our plate from all over the planet.  This happens for a number of reasons (including wealth and profit) but more importantly it has a range of effects.  These are shown in the image below


Your homework is to create a poster that shows the impact of one of the meals you eat this week.  Consider the emissions from transport, the land taken up to farm the food, the waste it creates, the water it uses etc.

This is the powerpoint we used in class, the homework is the penultimate slide.



Pacific Garbage Patch


imageWhen you drop litter what happens? Some if it is swept up and taken to landfill, some of it is eaten by animals or birds and in some cases can really harm them. Other bits of rubbish are blown into streams and rivers and then slowly make their way to the sea.




When this happens the ocean currents move the material around the globe in a specific pattern until any rubbish that has survived that far ends up in the Pacific and joins a floating patch if plastic which is about the size of Texas.

imageThese videos tell the story of 20 year old Boyan Slat who has spent the last 4 years trying to find a way to collect the plastic from the ocean and dispose of it safely.


The price of economic development in China



Recently we looked at the impact of the tourist industry on the environment of the Maasai Mara in Kenya.

Another place we could have studied is China which (if you remember the start of the topic!) is a Newly Industrialised Country or NIC.



A lot of China’s economic development is based on manufacturing industry which in many cases is being powered by coal.

We have seen this week the impact that using fossil fuels has on the global climate but when I woke up this morning and read through the news I found another effect of fossil fuels… Smog.


Smog is a thick fog which contains all of the horrible waste particles from burning coal or oil (in vehicles) so it is full of soot, ozone, sulphur and other horrid things that are dangerous for humans to breathe in. Smog is the reason why London stopped using the power stations on the Thames. In the early 1950s the smog in London was so thick that cars ran people over that they couldn’t see, hundreds died from inhaling the air and government decided to ban all coal fires in the capital.


Unfortunately the smog in China and particularly Beijing is getting worse as the economy improves. China has lots of coal and wants to use it but the effects are so bad that this month they have started televising the sun rise on big screens in Beijing because the actual sunrise is being hidden by the thick smog.


People are wearing surgical masks as the walk around the city to try to reduce the health risks.


Y9 Global Footprint


2006-020-footprint-on-the-planetYour global footprint tells you how many planets we’d need if all 7 billion people on Earth lived like you. Use the wwf global footprint calculator to find your footprint.  Let me know if you’re is under 2 planets – that’s really good!!

If you lose your foot template I’ve attached a copy of it below.  Colour it when your finished so I can put it up in my room.

Global footprint

foot template